The Other Half.....of ME!

I met my husband twenty years ago today. We had been at college a total of two weeks! There was an "all you can eat rolled taco night" happening on campus and you can bet there would be no way this chubby freshman was going to miss that! When I walked in with my roommates, we immediately gravitated to the taco bar and without realizing it, cut in front of a group of the cutest guys I had ever seen. I quickly noticed the "cute guy in the red hat"......our story began that night and we rarely spent a day apart during our college years. We were married two years after meeting and it has been pure bliss since then......throw in the blood, sweat and tears, but other than that, pure bliss!
Darren has a different version of what really happened at that "rolled taco night" ....something about I had guacamole on my face...and that's what made him "notice" me?? Yeah, whatever...he still asked me to go walk on the beach with him that night! ; )
Where did twenty years go?

I love that within weeks of meeting you, I wanted to keep you!

I love that our story started in my favorite city , San Diego, where dreams come true!

I love that our story really started on the beach, late that night, on Oct. 7, 1988!

I love that our story started when we were only 18!

I love that our story began with many nights in that small prayer chapel on campus,

I love the story that we have made together, a story of God’s grace and faithfulness!

I love that God knew we would be a perfect fit.

I love God knew that you would be everything I needed and wanted.....
you still amaze me, sweep me off my feet and always make me come back wanting more ; )

I love that you are my partner, my best friend, my strength, my hero!

I love that our story is not over and still being written!

Yes, you had me the moment you let me cut in front of you at rolled taco night on campus.


Nicole said...

I can NOT believe it has been 20 years???!!! That is so crazy. So glad you cut in front of him because if you hadn't we wouldn't have our sleepovers, table "talk" times, laughing until we're crying at sick Darren and Bur humor!! Happy rolled taco night anniversary!!

your husband said...

I am not sure when I first fell in love with you...I guess it could have been as early as that first time we held each other, or the first time I realized that you kind of liked me, too...I'm not sure; I just remember thinking of you more and more and getting less and less done in the process! I remember wanting you to stay so badly - and being so thrilled at the thought. I remember praying that it was you whenever the phone would ring, but at the same time hoping it wasn't; because I didn't know how in the world I was going to to sound romantic and impressive when what I felt was anxious and tongue -tied...Sometimes it still amazes me - how I get so anxious and thrilled and thoughtful about you; I guess maybe it's because I just keep falling wonderfully in love with you...over and over again... HAPPY ROLLED TACO NIGHT;)

Robina said...

Happy Anniversary friend. Twenty is fab! I love being able to say that I have been married for 20 years. That is amazing and miraculous.
I love what Darren said to you. Nothing more precious on this here earth than family.

Jill said...

Awe... that is soooo sweet! Isn't love grand?