As I was searching online this morning for some good gift ideas, I came across this little "check list" of sorts...to think about before we begin spending money, money that many of us don't have.

Here are some questions to answer before we buy gifts.....
1. Is this something they will really use?
2. Is it something that will either, be consumed, be valuable and last a long time?
3. Is it something that is needed?
What are the things that the other person would really love to receive?

I think we all get caught up in getting people things that are big and expensive, as a way to try and show our love for each other. Which is kind of funny, because especially over the last few years, I have seen each of our love for each other displayed in amazing ways. Let’s use the gifts this year as a token of that, but not get caught up in the gift itself.........

I am going to be one of the crazy ones that hit the malls this weekend. I love the hustle and bustle of the season. I love the decorations and can't wait to get the boxes out of the attic on Friday. Anyone else hitting the stores at 5:00am?

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