I love the Not-Me-Monday at McMamas. So today I am doing the entire week! I had such a busy, fun, crazy week....must be documented!

Last week, I did not stay home from work because I needed a mental health day...or possibly ate too much birthday dinner.

Last week, I did not hit 39~!!!!! That is 12 months shy of being 40! Didn't I just turn 29 last year?

It was not me that went out to dinner with friends, had pasta, bread and some more pasta at nine o'clock at night....sooo yummy...see above...no work the next day!

It was not me that let my fourth graders have a free 30 minutes of reading...because it was my birthday...and then give them candy while they read...hey, it WAS MY birthday!

This past week, I did not spend the weekend with thousands of screaming girls at the Revolve Tour and I felt like I was 59 years old, instead of 39...so fun, but I needed 10 hours of sleep that night to catch up on all the dancing that took place!

Last week, I did not make a grand total of 7 trips to Starbucks...and we're on a tight budget..hey, it was birthday week!!

This past week, I did not just purchase my one and only Christmas present...I'm running late, friends! HELP! My sidebar says 30 days til Santa comes!

This past week, I did not take pictures for Christmas, only to delete them because I had 4 chins in one of them...yes, 4 chins! MUST START EXERCISING!

Which reminds me, last week I did not run 3 days in a row with my two high schoolers, only to be left in the dust!

OHHH, what therapy!

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