Humble Me.....(daily?)

Daily humble me so that I never get so caught up in me that I don't hear You! I don't want to be deaf...deaf to YOU and Your POWER! Draw me closer to You, do what it takes to get me where YOU want me to be. You want to do far me in me than I can imagine and I often live in fear that I might be missing that "call" ! The fear can be paralyzing. The fear of knowing how powerful You really are and are still calling a weak one like me...draw me to Your side and as I wait I will rise up like the eagles...IN THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE!
Forgive me for neglecting your heart
Forgive me for my busy life
Forgive me for wasting time
God, forgive me for neglecting your heart
For I am dark,
My heart, I have forgotten
Forgive me, for neglecting your heart
Put your hand upon my heart
I want to feel you
Let me know that I am alive
Take away my wandering spirit
Fascinate me
Captive me
Come and hold me
Misty Edwards

Get Rid of Pride:
1.Ways to Daily Humble Yourself
2. Submit to God-ordained authorities. Dan. 4:37

3. Admit faults and needs. James 5:16
4. Ask forgiveness. Joshua 7:19
5. Praise your competitors and help them. Matt. 5:44
6. Welcome criticism and grow from it. Rom. 12:14
7. Bless those who curse you. Matt. 5:44
8. Deflect praise that is given to you.
Rom. 13:7
9. Make others’ schedules and plans more important than your own plans.
10. Listen to others rather than talking about yourself.
11. Serve others.
Phil. 2:4
12. Give sacrificially.
Prov. 13:7
13. Consider God’s works – nature, etc.
Ps. 8:3-4
14. Kneel in humility “Bow low” –
Ps. 95:6
15. Express gratefulness.
Ps 103:1-5
16. Weep over sin.
James 4:9
17. Ask others to point out blind spots.
Prov. 27:6
18. Don’t defend yourself.
19. Get rid of “status symbols” Matt. 11:8-11
20. Honor the Lord’s Day.
Isa. 58:13, 14
21. Don’t put others down in conversation.
Prov. 26:18, 19

Ask God daily to show you pride in your life.
Ask God daily to humble you.
This is hanging on my mirror where I can see it every...single...day!


Steve said...

Nice blog, you have excellent taste in music, i especially love Misty Edwards i set up a site with all her song lyrics, they are very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I think "wondering" should be "wandering"

Tracy: said...

Thanks "anonymous" I think you're right! : )