What's on your playlist?

I love listening to Christmas music and have listened to it since Thanksgiving. It's always playing. I love looking for new songs and CD's that come out every year. I have not bought any new ones this year but have pulled out some "oldies" (a few years old ; ) I was given the new Sheryl Crowe Christmas one, so I guess I did get some new tunes this year. MY ULTIMATE, most favorite, bestest Christmas CD, E-V_E-R!! I listen to the entire CD at least 2-3 times a day! Can't get enough of it and although my family can't take it much more, they are patient. They know my love and passion for Third Day!

I am not a huge Jessica fan, but she is beautiful and I love this CD, especially "Baby, It's Cold Outside" This one has been my favorite the few Christmas' I remember buying this on our anniversary trip to Seattle a few years ago.
My friend Robin got my this one...my dear Sheryl Crowe. A few weeks ago we were shopping, I had it in my had to buy and then at dinner that night she gave it to me. She had already gotten it for me. Sweet! Great minds think alike!

Ok, this is NOT my favorite Christmas CD but Haley has an opinion and it gets heard quite often, (Haley and this CD) This is her favorite, by far!

I don't own this CD but I WANT it. Real bad! It has Jack Johnson singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Coldplay and BareNaked Ladies singing on it, as well. I think I'll go to i-tunes now ; )
And just in case you missed it in the beginning, THIS IS MY FAVORITE!

What have you been listening to this season?


Rachel said...

Third Day!!!!!!! my fav. too.
Lonestar's Christmas album.

Robin said...

Ok you crazy WOMAN where is MC?? Or is this your sly way for me to see what you want?