The Mother Letter

The reason I started this blog was not to hear myself talk about myself, not because I am a good writer, in fact, it was my worst subject in school, it is not because I want others to flock to frenzy-tracy because I have amazing things to say. The greatest reason I began this journal is for my kids....I hope that someday they will be able to read this a figure out how mom "did life" What my passions are/were at this time, how much I deeply love them and to just be able to see my heart. I hope for it to be just a document of our family and how we strived to be all the GOD has called us be!

I have come across this great website after reading Holy Experience this morning. It looks like it was started awhile ago but it's not too late to join. I have read a few Mother Letter's and LOVE IT! Check it out, join and then come back a read my Mother Letter, coming soon!

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