Bringing in "09 in Style

My posts are going to be a little backwards since I haven't posted about our awesome Christmas or my New Year's Resolutions/Goals (might skip those for 2009) ha!

I am skipping ahead to New Year's Eve and our awesome sweater party. These sweaters were inspired by my sister-in-law, Liz. She hit the jackpot while she was home in Idaho and bought our cool "loot" there. She has great taste if you ask me : )

We had 7-8 other people at this party that did not come prepared....they stood around and watched us..took pictures of us and laughed at how ridiculous we looked! Next time they will not be allowed in if not in proper dress attire.

We were also blessed with a visit/slumber party with our dear college friends that came to visit from Seattle. For some reason, I don't have too many pictures of our crazy night......I think I got overheated in my thermal sweater and forgot to take pictures late into the night...who would have thought..me forget to take pictures!

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guy in the front right said...

I must submit comment here to the fact that the sweater that I am wearing in the "ugly sweater project" was in fact 3 sizes too small, and no my gut is not THAT big. Thank you for listening and BELIEVING:)