Glorious One

I've been up for few hours now, trying to keep my nose in the WORD. I am seeking HIM, asking for HIS provision in our family right now. As this song came on, I began listening to the words and they are exactly what I needed to hear today. He is Glorious, He is the Light of the World, He outshines the sun, His hands carved the ocean, He created the universe and He still runs to the broken. I don't know what 2009 holds for my family. I am praying for a better year than 2008, I am praying that I am a better person in 2009, that I GLORIFY the GLORIOUS ONE! My heart rests in the fact that HE is my glorious one and there is none more beautiful!

Our hands are lifted high

our hearts are bowing in reverence

and we're surrounded by

the glory of Your presence

with every creature every tongue

we're lifting our voice to the Glorious One

Glorious One, Glorious One

Light of the world You outshine the sun

King of all Kings, eternity sings

Glorious One, God of infinite worth

with hands that carve out the ocean

You hold the universe

and still You run to the broken with

every heart that's been redeemed

we're lifting our song to the Glorious King

there is none more beautiful

there is none more wonderful (repeat)

glorious one . - Steve Fee

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