Had a super, fun 3 day weekend

Got report cards done early

Ran 9 miles this weekend (not in one day)

Starting to actually like running

Had a fun family dinner at Olive Garden with the two older kids and their "friends" (gift certificates we got for Christmas)

I LOVE gift certificates

Realized once again that I enjoy hanging out with my kids and watching them grow up...(they are quite pleasant to be around : )

Did a ton of reading

Got a hair cut

Did some deep cleaning

Washer broke...ugh

My mom did laundry..she ROCKS!

Almost done with my school yearbook (not sure how I got on that committee again, but I like taking pictures so I said yes...it entails more than taking pictures..yikes)

Had coffee with a friend

Caught up with an old friend on FB

Took two family bikes rides this weekend...(actually I ran both times)

Tried to be creative with blogging but came up with this.....

MUST take more pictures soon!

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Jill said...

9 miles !?! That is awesome. You are rockin' it!!