To Krups or Not to Krups

Although we are only 28 days into the new year, I can say that one of my best "things" for 2009 has happened already.....my husband has become a coffee drinker! I feel like I should put a multitude of exclamation marks after that, highlight the word and make it a ginormous font! After 18 years of marriage, after many avoided kisses because I have coffee breath, and coffee smells like dirt, I am now married to a coffee drinker. And he ain't no pansy about it either, he makes a pot at night. What? Are we 60? Maybe he is a little bit pansy about it because he puts a cup of creamer in it...so actually he has started having coffee with his creamer. This has been so fun, albeit, expensive to share the pot with him now (heehee) The entire carafe used to belong to ONLY me. It seems that having such a delicious assortment of creamers in the home has made one of my children slightly "addicted" (I say that lightly, I don't want her to stunt her growth... I know it's not great for a growing teenager to be drinking this stuff already ; ) But that means I have to jump out of bed faster and run even quicker to that coffee pot and try to find my favorite mug, before it's taken and at least get a one cupper in before I take off to school. This has caused me to start looking around for a new coffee pot. Ours is an awesome hand-me-down from my parents and is probably hitting 6-7 years old by now, which means it's time for a new one, right?....it didn't take me long to find this...a two 10-cup brushed stainless steel thermal carafes This made me scream! I want this..I NEED this! We would have so much fun with this!

I won't include the price because I don't want my husband to see the price and "write it off" as something this family will never own. Who knows, there might be a great sale sometime. I am a magnet to sales, yes, I am!

Oh and I can't forget the best part, HE MAKES THE COFFEE EVERYDAY NOW! It's gonna be a good year!


Nicole said...

SHUT. UP. All those years of round table time and we could never convert him. A. Mazing.

Darren said...

Nicole...I just wanted you all to love me for who I really am inside and not because I was just another coffee groupie.

Anonymous said...

HA.... funny.... Tim just started drinking coffee too..... never interested before... I think it has something to do with living in Oregon where there is a Starbucks or the like on every corner!

Darren said...

I had to revisit this...did you know that when you buy a new bass boat, you get one of these for free?!?...I'm just sayin'