I Heart Pink Pancakes and Headbands!

Wow, where have 10 days gone...let me see, Flu, flu, and more flu, a Valentine's party at school, a 40th birthday for the husband, a Valentine's breakfast with the family and Sadie Hawkins for the high schooler....all in 10 days!

In 18 years of being together, Darren and I have never been sick at the same time. In fact, Darren rarely gets sick but this flu thing hit the two of us at the same time. We were pathetic, not able to help eachother in the least. So, thankful to have a son that drives. He stocked us up on Gatorade, crackers and all the other stuff two sick parents might need...so sweet. Luckily, the kids were able to go to my parent's house for dinner, so they didn't starve. We had several phone calls of dear friends willing to help us. We had grocery dropped off at our door and even laundry done for us! I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

By the time we were all healthy, Haley and I began working on our Valentines cards, making cupcakes and getting things together for our class party. I love this time of year at school. The really dark, cold days of January are over, spring break is around the corner and spring is in sight. (a little)

That night, we had a fun party for Darren, who is now old...40! (shhh, I have 9 more months of being in my 30's) We had a huge group of great friends show up and celebrate my favorite man!

Darren's Party!

On Saturday, I slept in and woke to coffee, roses and a cute table set with a tablecloth and candles. Darren and I spent a lazy morning together making these cute pink pancakes and eggs together. After letting the kids sleep in, we woke up the kids and had a fun V-day breakfast together.

Molly had Sadie Hawkins that night. She went with the funnest group of kids. They all looked so cute.Molly had the cutest black dress and she had picked out the funnest, bright, pink headband. It was perfect for Valentine's Day! We all met for some crazy picture taking, dropped them off for their banquet and then a group of us headed to dinner. Afterwards, some of the mom's planned some super fun game, then they watched a movie, while the mom's hung out! Fun group and definitely blessed with dear friends!

Look, you can see her date was sweet enough to wear pink..to match her handband...ha!

I am so very thankful that all three of our kids are blessed with some really special friendships...February has been a great month!

Well, we have school tomorrow, President's Day, to make up for a snow day from December. This is a long stretch, as we look forward to spring break.

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