Never-Ending Celebrations

Celebrating another birthday!
Happy Birthday, Robin

The birthday girl...and me

Kim and Tracy

Kim and Laurie

The girls and I are always looking for a reason to celebrate
but the biggest countdown each year is celebrating
Robin. There won't be a quick coffee date
and a piece of cake, with a pat on the back
with this woman....she demands and deserves more!! ( love ya girl)
There are four of us that have been celebrating together for at
least 7-8 years now and everytime February rolls around,
we debate, discuss and pray and fast over how to celebrate ROBANN!
If we could.......
We would write her name in the sky,
we would take her to see
take her on a cruise
and buy her creme brule'
if we could....that is what this
friend would LOVE and what we sure wish
we could bless her with.....
Instead, we had a wonderful day of shopping and
hours and hours at a perfect restaurant
with great steak, chicken and crusted salmon! (thanks Laurie)
ROBIN is a "die-hard" Girlfriend!
A faithful woman,
a strong tower and a fierce
fighter for what she loves...which is most of all ME...
I mean most of all JESUS...
she is a passionate LOVER OF JESUS and
I am blessed to call her friend!


Tam said...

i love having friends like this. my best friend is on boston ;( too far away!

so where are you in oregon?

keesha shanda mcadams said...

ditto! skywriting...good idea for next year. xoxoxoxo