Coupon Clippers

I am in love! My friend recommended this site to me and I was not too overly excited to check it out. I love a good deal, a cheap sale, and bargain hunting but I do not clip coupons. I know the value of it and how it pays off in the end....I used to do it when we were first married but was not that organized about it. (yes, I had a coupon organizer and never used it) But wait til you check this site out.....couponclippers This is a great way to organize your groceries, look for the exact coupon you need, click it, and "buy it" By buying it, I mean paying for shipping and then it to arrive in your mailbox in a few days. Paying for coupons sound ridiculous, but I ordered 25 coupons, paid $5.47 and by the time I use all the coupons, I will have saved a total of $51.72....a total savings of about $45!! The site is divided up into categories..food, paper products, baby items, beverages, etc. It adds up your savings, keeps track of the coupons you have purchased in the past and it will let you know of different sales going on at major stores in your area.......I AM IN LOVE!!

I am always looking for ways to save money and now, during this financial crunch, I'm looking to be creative more than ever! Do you use coupons? If so, do you "clip" them from the newspaper or get them online?

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