NOTE: By this post you would think that I am a huge meat eater. My family is...I am not! But I do love me some of these!!!!

I made a yummy pasta dish for robin's family, doubled the recipe and made some for us too. The family loved it! Can't go wrong with pasta, meat and cheesy bread! I love Pioneer Woman!! I have never made a meal from her recipe stash that did not turn out amazing!! Can't wait to make these Bleu Cheese Burgers next week!

We are headed out of town in the early morning to visit some college friends in Cali. We have been dreaming of warmer weather, a family road trip and In-N-Out burgers! Yummo! But most of all, we are looking forward to hanging with our crazy friends! : )

On another note, the Lord led me to the most incredible verse. You know those moments when you have read a verse many times before and then you read it and it hits you between the eyes? Well, this verse hit me on the head! I have never doubted GOD'S love for me but I am constantly amazed that HE NEVER, EVER leaves me, even in the midst of my disgusting, carnal sin!!! Here's the verse....I know you won't be able to read this without screaming, WOW!

But me he caught—reached all the way
from sky to sea; he pulled me out
Of that ocean of hate, that enemy chaos,
the void in which I was drowning.
They hit me when I was down,
but God stuck by me.
He stood me up on a wide-open field;
I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!

Ps. 18:19

I am always amazed by HIS love for me!!
Even when we walk right into sin, into the chaos of the enemy, HE is faithful to reach down, into the pit that we are drowning in, lift us up, bless us by placing us in a wide open field and we stand there.....SAVED, completely amazed that we are so LOVED!! I love my Savior!!

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