Love and Hope and Jewelry

Last September, my girls and I did a Race for the Cure walk with my parents. Ever since then, Haley has been so in tune to anything that is sold where a portion of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. We have had several conversations about people we know that have been affected by this terrible disease. She often asks questions about my grandma having the disease and how much more we know today because of organizations like Race for the Cure. Participating in that event last fall totally impacted her.

The other day I was cleaning out her backpack and found a flyer from Kay Jewelers...I think she had gotten out of the mail and threw it in her backpack after looking at it. Knowing that she would not "need" anything from that store, I threw it away, along with a pile of other useless papers. True to Haley's style, she dug it out of the trash and had it on the counter again by the next morning. She brought me that flyer and had circled a beautiful pink sapphire necklace called Journey of Love and Hope. It quite pretty. She told me that this necklace needed to be added to her early Christmas list and I need to go get it today before they ran out....and as she walked away, I heard her say..."Remember mom, anything that goes to breast cancer research is worth it, mom" That, my sweet daughter, is true. BUT asking for such pricey jewelry already tells me..this girl won't settle for anything but the best!

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