I have over 200 pictures from Christmas and I can't wait to scrapbook them...not sure when that will be but for now I want to jot down our awesome holiday! I love being off work for two weeks, I love being with family, being lazy, reading books, baking, and all the other things that go along with this season but each year I stand amazed at the beauty of the Advent! The thought that God sent His son in human form, in a stable, to young, unknowing parents, just to die for us is too much to ever comprehend! I became captivated by Mary's Song this year. A passage I have read every year as long as I can remember but this year was different, tender and beautiful!

A young girl, a willing heart, a wise woman, knowing her obedience would change generations to come. (understatement) Yet, her heart was giving praise and worship to God, even in the unknown, even in the impossible, she praised HIS name! What a story! (understatement again)

  • The holidays began by celebrating Tim's 18th birthday with a day in Portland. It was so fun to get up early and all head to the city! I love the city and especially during the holidays...crowds and all! We ended the day by meeting Uncle Russie for dinner. He arrived from LA just in time!

  • Sunday service was great of course, Darren preached (about Mary's Song : ) and then we spent the day baking at mom's house!

  • Monday was errand day. I finally mailed out out Christmas cards, last minute gifts and last minute grocery shopping. Dinner at mom and dad's and decorating cookies! Tried to spend every minute with Russ.

  • Tuesday was the Civil War, Beavers lost, terrible game and I lost interest quick. I guess I'm not a true die-hard fan! :(

  • Wednesday Liz arrived early and we met at Olive Garden to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday. There was a group of older ladies singing in the foyer of the restaurant and when they realized it was mom's bday, they sang to her. CUTE! We ended the day together by going to see Avatar. Pretty cool movie, but I can say, I will not sit through it again!
  • Thursday was, of course, Christmas Eve. We slept late, baked and cooked for that evening and basically hung out in our pj's most of the day. We then went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service that evening, had dinner together at our house and then packed up and headed to my parents! We love Christmas slumber parties and it was even better having Liz there this year! We put on our matching pj's (pics coming soon) and head the beds about midnight..after a long photo shoot, of course!
  • Friday morning we were up bright and early at 8:00am. Wow, it's get later and later as the kids get older. We opened presents all morning, stopped for awhile to re-fill our coffee and have some french toast..yummo! The rest of the day was LAZY and fun!! I love Christmas!

That sums up most of our Christmas break. Lots of family time...my most favorite!

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