Family, Friends and Goals!

The week has been filled with baking, shopping, family time, movies, birthdays, food, food, food, naps, reading, late nights, dominoes, poker, wii, Gestures, Outburst, card games, long conversations, friends, celebrating my son turning 18 and mom turning 60....and realizing more than once, how BLESSED I am with TRUE friends, a strong, tight family and a year that I'm still trying to put into words!

I am now looking ahead to 2010. My sister writes out her 50 life goals and at the beginning of each year, she re-writes, crosses off and adds to the list. I think I will take on this challenge as well. I've been thinking about what I really want on the list...what's on your goal list for 2010! Everytime I think of 2010...I just want to shout BRING IT!!!

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