One less than 20!

I've been dying to get back to blogging and I thought that this would be a perfect day to start! I have 6 months of catch up to do on here but before I do that I have something more important to write about. 19 years ago today I married my best friend and it's been beautiful ever since...gag...how cliche does that sound!? Beautiful? NO! Hard work, perseverance and commitment, YES! Fun, laughter and pure joy, most of the time!

Really 19 years ago today, I was 21 and was super in love with a boy that still had no facial hair...but dang was he a cute boy! He has loved me well from the very beginning! From the beginning he prayed over me and for me, from the beginning he has made me laugh, (everyday) he has pushed me, encouraged me, made me think I was cool and sometimes, just sometimes, he lets me think I'm funny too!

I could write a book about this man of mine. He is a man of strength, dedication, a man after God's own heart and from the beginning he has shown me grace and forgiveness more than any person I have ever met! It feels like yesterday when he put a mint in his mouth, when my dad said, "you may kiss your bride" That's when I knew I was going to have fun with this boy!
Happy Anniversary, my love!

Smile - Uncle Kracker

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