Weekend, How I Love Thee!

Oregon Coast Sunset

I had such a peachy, wonderful weekend. I wish I could live it all over again...I loved every minute of it! Darren and I had some great time away at the beach for a night, had an amazing service today at church and spent the day with the kids, being lazy and riding bikes.

We left town as soon as school was out on Friday and headed to the coast. The weather was beyond amazing for Oregon this time of year. We grabbed a Big Gulp (the best road trip item) and had a beautiful drive to the beach. On the drive there, we talked about all the great restaurants we could hit. We love MO's, a cute place that is known for the most delicious clam chowder bread bowls. There are a few other good seafood/ steak places but we went all out and hit the deli, grabbed our food and got to the beach house by 5:00. We locked the doors, had our snacks for the night and watched two movies, as we listened to the waves right outside the door! Perfect! We slept in, had a late breakfast, read, Darren worked on his sermon and it was the laziest Saturday ever! We decided to take a long, (longer than planned) walk along the water and found a cute beach restuarant to eat at and to end our day  It was so relaxing and much needed!~ This is how much I love the beach!! :)

I always love baptism services and today we had some special little friends getting baptized. It so exciting watching their excitement, seeing the family and friends that have come to support the kids. It's almost as if they "get it" and the true meaning of what they are doing far more than the adults. I was so excited, I went to both services to I could watch these sweet kids get "dunked for Jesus" as one child said : )

Then we took off on a family bike ride this afternoon!

I even got my weekly groceries done and I'm ready for a new week! Now, I'm sitting here watching the BassMasters Classic with my husband..yahoo...(not) Actually, I don't mind at all, I know he's been looking forward to this and as long as I can blog..It's all good!

This week we will be having  2 little visitors joining us for 4 days from Children of the World! More on that later!

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Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by! My husband and I were lucky enough to travel to Oregon this past Nov. It was so beautiful! I want to go back tomorrow! Your pics remind of the peace and joy we found there!