It Went Too Fast!

Spring Break is over and
nothing like a true Oregon

"welcome home" kinda day than this.....
Rain, rain and more rain!

How can this be the end of break already? What a rich, fun, busy, great time we had as a family. We left very early on Friday and hit LA by 6 or 7 that night. It was great seeing my brother's new place that he and Liz bought last summer soon after their wedding. It was the first time that we were all able to fit together in one home for more than one night. It's pretty crowded when you put nine people under one roof. I love a good slumber party though. The best part about the whole trip was watching my brother run the LA Marathon. What an accomplishment that I'm not sure I could ever take on... I would love to though!  That night Darren took off to visit/help his dad in Florida. The rest of the week was filled with college visits with Tim, visiting friends in San Diego, hanging out with my cousin, who just happened to be speaking at Pepperdine and some good beach time and tons of eating out. We made it home late Friday night, tired, blessed and glad to be home....but oh so sad that our trip was over : (

Here is Russ at the half way point....barely breaking a sweat.
We bought some very large, obnoxious balloons so we
would be sure he would not miss us in the 25,000 other
runners and their families.

We took many pictures and I would
love to bore you with all 100 of them
but this is one of my favorite of the kids.
This is in Malibu before we hit the beach!

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