Fun Friday~

I have a deep, secret desire to
 have dreadlocks. Don't judge me ; )
Before you say
"Why in the world would you want that?"
let me explain.....
They are just cool...that's all, the end.
No stress, no worries, no blow drying,
no styling..just COOL~

I have read her super cute, creative, fun blog for a
few years now and have just loved her dreds!
Would I ever do it? I don't think so..but it's just one of those "dreams"
fantasies..ya know?

And on another note,

In 8 hours we will be on our way to Cali to cheer on
my brother who will be running
in the LA Marathon!
We are so excited to spend a full
week in LA with Russ and Liz!
Can't wait to head to the beach again!

This was taken last summer at Santa Monica Pier~

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hmmm...I had a rat's tail (yes, I was a 90's child) and that tail would always get yucky from the shampoo caked on. I wonder if dred (dread?)locks would be the same way?

I say...go for it=)....ha! I'll cheer you on from the peanut gallery=)!

They do look adorable on her...