Just Simon~

The Final Week of Jesus
 by Max Lucado

A friend loaned me this book about the final week of Jesus' life. The book is by Max Lucado. All of his books hit me right between the eyes and leave me thinking for days after. This book was perfect since we have been doing a series on this at church. This is a section I read this morning and it has been swirling around in my mind......

Simon the Leper...who is now just SIMON! A healed man! I thought about what used to be connected to  my name...Tracy, the insecure girl, Tracy, the self-focused, Tracy, the prideful woman...etc... I am so thankful that now I am TRACY.....(set free and made whole)

Putting your hand on a leper’s sore!
Based out John 12
Parts taken from the Final Week of Jesus

There was a dinner party going on....a party at the healed man's house. Simon was watching the crowd thinking about how far he'd come....Simon would never forget what Jesus had done. He couldn’t forget. Where there had been a nub, there was now a finger for his daughter to hold . Where there had been ulcerous sores, there was now skin for his wife to stroke and where there had been lonely hours in quarantine, there were now happy hours such as this.... a house full of friends a table full of food…no, Simon would not forget. Simon knew what it was like to stare death in the face. He knew what it was like to have no home to call your own and he knew what it was like to be misunderstood. He wanted Jesus to know that if he ever needed a meal and a place to lay his head, there was one house in Bethany to which he could go…Risky love seizes the moment!

A house party at Simon’s house…formerly known as Simon the Leper but now known as just Simon! Hallelujah!!

holy experience


Stephani said...

Love this! No longer Stephani the ___________, just Stephani! Thanks for sharing!

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