Parent Fail #1,399

Heaven help us!

The sun was shining through our livingroom window before we even left the house in the morning. My 11 yr. old was finally excited to wear shorts. She and I were ready early, so we took off for a  quick coffee date at Starbucks. I commented on her long legs that were covered in goose bumps..I think I even mentioned wearing sweat pants over the shorts until it warmed up. She chose not to..which was fine, it was just a suggestion...but oh, how she wishes she would've listened and how I wish I would've "made her"

It was recess when she came rushing into my classroom and I could tell immediately that something was bugging her. She said another teacher said her shorts were too short and that she can't wear them to school again. Dang-it! Dang-it, that I missed that!  It didn't even cross my mind!! Dang-it that another teacher is telling my child what she cannot wear and dang-it that her legs are sooooo long!!! ha!  In retrospect, I guess they are a little short for dress code, but she's 11 and I sometime forget how close that is to being a teenager!! ahhhh!! Luckily, her sweet classroom teacher, my dear, dear friend (who happens to also coach volleyball) offered her a pair of sweat pants she had in her volleyball bag...wow!! Thoughtful, grace-filled, loving and caring...that woman is to me (and Haley!)

Haley talked about that all weekend! She was more impressed with the kindness of her teacher, than the thought of "getting in trouble" Which getting in trouble meant, "please don't wear those shorts again" I have seen so many kids throughout my teaching career that seem to get a bitter attitude toward "dress code" in the private school. I always try to teach my kids the reason behind dress code, the modesty issue, etc. But sometimes it's just.....HARD! My son used to get busted for his "five o'clock shadow" A teacher would tell him to be sure and shave or he will get a detention...the poor kid had just shaved 6 hours earlier. Ha! He's my gorilla and doesn't seem to mind being called that! ha!

Basically, I'm thankful for GRACE, for forgiveness, and even for rules that bring order! Even when I want to scream..."Rules were made to be broken" ; )

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