Who's Your Pippi~

I have a Pippi Longstocking in my 4th grade class!
Yep, she comes in everyday, hair unruly,
socks mismatched and always with a giggle!!

Some days I'm not sure what approach to take with my Pippi...
do I try to make her sit down, be quiet, pick up her mess,
turn in her work, raise her hand, and most of all
keep her hands to herself!??

This girl brings LIFE to my classroom, even on the days
when I feel like I need order and quiet, she brings JOY (and chaos)

Last week I was walking with the class across campus,
in my own little world, thinking of all that needs to be done
in class that day, what I should make for dinner that night,
what sporting event is after school and where each of my
three kids need to be and what time...you know the routine?
When your mind is somewhere else, lost in thought?

It was at that moment my shoe got stuck in a crack in the sidewalk,
and I began to stumble...the stumble where time slows down
and I just keep stumbling...not falling...stumbling!
I finally get myself together, thankful that my face did not
plant itself into the concrete.

I turn around to see how many of my 
 25 students just witnessed the episode.
Thankfully, most of them were in their own conversation
with eachother and had not noticed.
Then I caught "Pippi's" eye...she threw her head back,
hands in the air, freckles shining in the sun and said,
"Mrs. B. You always make me smile"

I heart Pippi! Everyone needs a PIPPI in their life!!


Kelli said...

I have a "Pippi". Her name is Andrea! She certainly does bring joy everywhere she goes.

Strawberryblush said...

Awe... that is too sweet. i love Pippi!!

Lisa notes... said...

So cute! Yes, we all need a Pippi in our lives. My oldest daughter is that for me.