Resurrection Weekend and Easter Baskets

I just love Resurrection Weekend and all that in entails, don't you? We have communion on Thursday, family time/dinner on Good Friday, Easter egg-stravaganza for the kids at church on Saturday, Saturday night Easter service, and two services on Sunday morning, one of them will be working in the nursery with my Molly as my helper! I love being a nursery worker with her. It's so fun watching her serve and love on babies....who would not love that job!? Ok, many of us..it is tiring but oh so fun!

I'm not sure what I'm doing for the kids this year. We have 2 teenagers and an 11 year old..the Easter basket thing is getting a little boring with the candy and gum etc. so I'm trying to get creative on what to do. Gift cards, money...books?? I don't know! Our entire married life, I have done Easter morning alone since Darren leaves early for church. He does help me put the baskets together and we take pictures and play Easter bunny (even though we have never taught that, we pretend, ha) together! It's just a new, strange, yet fun season for me (us) My kids aren't really into buying new Easter outfits anymore either. I would love to throw my girls in some white tights and buy them Easter bonets. : )
Here are a few pictures from Easter past!
What are some of your Easter traditions?
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Kate said...

So cute to see how your kids have grown over the years! We aren't sure what to do really with the Easter basket thing, too. But our Molly is only 2, unlike your wonderful Molly :) Happy Easter!

elledee said...

cute pictures! It looks like you always have fun on easter!

Strawberryblush said...

Your family is gorgeous! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Oh and I've been meaning to mention to you for some time a band that I think you will really, really like. They are some friends of ours from Boulder Co and they come and minister at our church several times a year.


And if you really like them... they travel all over the US doing shows and I'm sure they would come visit your church. Just had it on my heart to mention them to you cuz we share a love for music and Jesus!