Still Celebrating~

"Imagine the hope and sense of anticipation the followers of Christ had the morning after Easter! This celebration isn't over friends."   Pete Wilson (I read this on his facebook this morning.)

What a beautiful weekend. My heart is stil so full and GRATEFUL!! It was amazing in ways that I'm not sure I would've noticed if I hadn't taken the time to step back and really reflect on all the God has done in my family. Not just the incredible sacrifice He made for me on the cross..but the healing and the moving of His mighty hand is indescribable! My life, schedules and just plain craziness can cloud my vision on many occassions but this weekend I was determined to stay focused on the whole reason for Easter (in spite of it being the busiest time of the year for any church)  Darren preached 3 times this weekend, we had a huge kids event at churched, helicopter rides and all, but the coolest and most awesome-est (my word :) miracle that took place this weekend is that I got to worship with my parents. They have not had the chance to hear Darren preach or sit with me in service for awhile.  Without going into a long drawn out story of the last 2 years about church dynamics, church drama and pain that comes along with all that...I will say, this weekend was a testimony to HIS faithfulness and HIS healing....we are still walking that healing road but HE is the comforter that holds us through every painful step! HE IS BEAUTIFUL and is faithful to take us through the refiners fire and to bring us out HEALED on the other side...easy? no! Worth it? YES!!

Also, when Darren got up to head to church (at dawn :) The kids and I headed to a sunrise service to hear my dad preach! So glad we did! So blessed to have my kids jump right out of bed, excited to go hear Papa preach. They fed them breakfast afterward...(a little bribery) But I kind of think they would've happily done it anyways!

holy experience


Amanda said...

Hi Tracy! I just got your comment. What videos are you talking about?

Amanda said...
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Kelli said...

Love this post. It is heartwarming. That is the thing about the trials we face in life, it does bring us closer to Him. Sometimes it is just so darn hard.

Love you sista!