Show Us Your Life, Teacher Gifts

I loved Kelly's post yesterday about ideas
for teacher's gifts! I'm on my
16th year of teaching and FINALLY
I feel like I might have some
expertise in this...ha!

I have found that my favorite thing to receive
is a gift card to ANYWHERE!
Coffee, a fun restaurant, a book store, a pedicure..anything!
You know how us moms don't go out and just buy fun things
for ourselves and I love receiving a gift card to a creative, fun place!
~Chocolate is always good too! ~

This is my desk last year on Valentine's Day!
ACTUALLY, for me (and I would say most teachers) would just
love a card. I know that sounds like I'm just being nice,
but nothing touches me more than a thoughtful
card from a parent (and their child : )


Anonymous said...

That's really nice to hear that a card would be appreciated. And I whole-heartedly agree that gift cards are the right way to go.

I wish all teachers felt the same way about the thought of the gift vs. the gift itself. I was nearing my daughter's classroom last year and overheard her teacher complaining about what someone had given her... like wasn't a big enough gift. Sometimes we forget 'it's the thought that counts'. I'm glad it was me walking up instead of the gift-giver!

Kate said...

I selfishly liked the gifts I got when I taught school! But I am with you a nice card to know you are making a difference is the best gift of all! And a Starbucks card :)

Holly said...

I definitely agree with the card idea!

Wow, you got a lot of stuff for Valentines Day! :O