Where Did the Time Go?

We are on the final count down leading up to Tim's graduation.
It is such a surreal feeling watching
 your first born reach this milestone!
He is such fun kid to be around! He is easy going, affectionate,
incredibly funny, insightful
compassionate and driven and best of all,
he loves the Lord!
Darren and I are blessed by him, (our little college baby)
more than we could've ever imagined!
And we thank God for him everyday!!
I know God has great plans for him!

This is just fair warning, my posts in the coming weeks are going
to be sappy and emotional. If you know me at all, I'm not usually an
emotional person....but just reading this poem had me bawling!
This is all new territory for me! Walk with me, give me advice, pray for me
and tell me to buck up when enough's enough! HA!

Senior Picture (L)
Santa Monica Pier (R)
Our Timothy, Timmy, Timbo,

Tim, brother, bubby

It’s happened, my friend
They’re almost grown
Out the door
On their own

Needing us just
As bad as before
Sometimes we’ll think
We need them more

Unwelcomed change
Strangely true
This is what
We raised them to do

Empty rooms
Then they’ll come home
Friends to see
Talk on the phone

A minute here
A minute there
Still we’ll know
We were there

Watching them play
Watching them grow
Breaking up fights
Bandaging toes

From Sunday School
To Mother’s Day Out
From kindergarten
To Brownies and Scouts

From Big Wheels
To souped up cars
From sleeping bags
To footballs scars

Cried ‘til we laughed
Laughed til we cried
One moment proud
The next horrified

Dobson’s books
On dusty shelves
It’s time for them
To try it themselves

Oh, my friend
It’s been fun
In many ways
We’ve just begun

So much ahead
Mother’s confide
Let’s stick like we started
Side by Side

Beth Moore

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Kate said...

My child is only 2, and that made me sappy already!! Oh the days are a changin' for your family! Sounds like you have an awesome son that you have raised!