300th Post and a Giveaway!!

I don't remember the exact year I started journaling. It started mostly as a way to jot down thoughts and prayers. As time went on, the pages began to be filled with more than just random thoughts but deep and passionate love notes to God. As I look through the last 5-7 years of journals, I see how God's hand was like a tapestry, weaving me through the path HE has for me...I have pages filled with some dark days but mostly just prayers filled with scripture, thoughts on the future, Bible studies that I've done, little scribbles from my kids when they were little, notes from church...little drawings etc. It's fun to look back and read how far God has brough me and my family!

Etsy has some great journals. Homemade books are awesome for making it your "own" I love the ones I found here

I celebration of my 300th (or is it 301, 302?) post and 3 years of random writings, I would like to give away a journal. I know that having just the right journal is almost a personal choice...for example, I love the spiral notebook type, with little pockets for my 3x5 cards filled with scripture or other random notes. I picked one out for you, similar to this one!!
IF it looks like something that you would love to record your personal notes in...leave a comment and let me know if you journal or not..it's ok if you don't...you can still comment and win this..and start journaling :)  I will include a cool little bookmark and fun pen...journaling is all about the pen ya use, right? ha!

Do you Journal?
How do you use it?
A prayer journal? Devotional thoughts?
Art? Quotes? Daily life? How?


Rachael. said...

Oh i journal a ton. anything from daily to do list, to things that God speaks to me, to random new jewelry designs... Honestly it all depends on my mood!

Congrats on the 300th post!

Kate said...

I do journal! I love writing and sometimes I am more successful at blogging, but I like the more intimate time with my paper and pen! I also like spiral notebooks like you! Congrats on 300 posts!!

P2 Family said...

I've tried to journal several times, but always seem to abandon it. One I worked one recently was about our family trip to my husband's home country in Africa. My daughter is better about keeping up her postings, and she's a naturally gifted writer. Hopefully, this blog will act as a sort of journal for me.

Vanessa said...

I do journal! And, love looking back at old entries to see how God has been at work.

Paige said...

I love to journal! I use mine on Sundays to take sermon notes and then fill the pages following with my thoughts during the week as I see the sermon apply to my life. I would love to win this prize!

Thanks for the chance!

epfaulkner at gmail dot com

Hi I'm Michelle said...

I journal. I use it to get out my prayers, frustrations, joys, life happening. I find it therapeudic, relaxing and sometimes it's a bunch of scribbles on a page.