Hello July~


Busy, Busy, Busy...but the fun kind of busy!
We have been loving a little sunshine! It took awhile for
summer to join us here in Oregon!

*We have found some cool new bike trails and have been out almost
everyday the last few weeks.

*Late, late nights
*Sleeping in
*Bible study
*Prayer with sisters...
now that I have some time off this summer, I have been able to join some prayer groups that I can never join because of teaching! It has blessed me so much to spend time with the ladies!

I got some beautiful flowers from my students last month!
We've had fun with some sidewalk chalk,
even though we don't have a sidewalk! ha!~
Tim and Haley!
Dinner on the back deck!
A fun Saturday night!
What? All five of us home together for dinner!

A nap on the swing~
Tim is working his first full time job this summer at a local grocery store.
It can be a rude awakening for an 18 year old boy to work full time! ha!
So blessed to have the job though! SO LUCKY! SO THANKFUL!
Good $$ for college!

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