Resting in Grace~

We've been enjoying our lazy summer days, filled with softball, volleyball and a whole lot of nothing! Which is wonderful! I've also been in enjoying brisk, early mornings on my swing, with my ipod and my Bible!! I could spend hours out there! I woke up this morning with the word GRACE filling my head! I was reading in Romans 5 and was reminded that even though my sins are many...HIS grace abounds even more! That blows my everytime I read it! His grace is greater than my sin....?? My ugly, selfish heart...Grace can cover (and then some)!!

There is no NO CONDEMNATION in Jesus! No matter what the enemy whispers in my ear...I need to REMEMBER THAT!! No condemnation! HIS GRACE is sufficient!! Speak the WORD when you doubt that! Write the Word on note cards, place them around your house, keep your nose in the Word! Do what you need to do to remember that...Turn on that worship music...blast it! Sin didn't, and doesn't, have a chance in competition with the aggressive forgiveness we call grace. (where sin abounds, grace abounds more!) Romans 5:20

I want to receive that grace, live in that grace and extend that grace to every relationship in my life! I get strung out on that sometimes...I just need to come to my senses, stay focused on HIM and truly grasped just a fraction of that sweet, amazing grace HE gives...for when we receive that grace, we are empowered to live in ways we never thought possible! WoW!

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