The Full Days of Summer

I am loving summer!
Biking everyday!
30-40 miles a week (a day, I wish : )
We spent the weekend at Haley's softball playoff game.
They made it to the championship and ended up
getting 2nd place.

The weather was a bit swealtering, but I love the heat!
I love the picture of Darren and his umbrella! ha!

Another bike trip! Tim was able to join
us. He has been working so much, it was nice
to have him with us!

The other night, Haley found a box that was filled with
a few of Tim's toys that I had saved. Since
many of them were "boy toys" that she was
never interested in, she had never really seen them.
I had put them away when Tim grew out of them and
never passed them on to his 2 sisters.
I love this picture of them going
through the box and Tim reliving all the memories of playing with them! ha!

So thankful my kids love hanging out with eachother!
The girls sure are going to miss their brother when he heads
off to college in a couple of weeks! (TEAR)

On Friday night Darren and I finally saw Knight and Day.
Loved it, mostly because Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
are so easy on the eyes :)  I love those spontaneous date nights!

I'm just throwing this picture in because it's so amazing!
This was taken while on one of our hikes while camping 4th of July weekend!
This is Haley and her friend Christina. Haley was a little
skeptical about walking all the way out on this large tree....
but she finally got brave!


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Kate said...

Awesome pictures! Love the biking! What a fun summer!