You Know It's July When.....

You can't wait to go to Farmer's Market!

We've been hitting our local Farmer's Market
quite often this summer!
Stocking up on veggies, flowers and almond butter!

I found this picture on Etsy
and I just love it!
Must get!
(That has nothing to do with SUMMER..
I just like it, k? :)

We have been going through boxes of these!
A true sign of hot summer days!~

Or is this a sunrise? ha!
This reminds me of a bridge in Portland that we love to
bike across, right into the city!

Trampoline Times for hours on end!
Slip n slide
and sprinklers under the trampoline!

This weekend I am headed out for a little getaway
to celebrate a friend bday. We are rented a house
in Sunriver and will be doing alot of NOTHING!
But a little bit of EVERYTHING!
I already made my trip to Trader Joes for all the yummy girls snacks!~


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