A Joy Finder~

Finding JOY in the day to day "stuff"
MY WEEKEND of thankfuls!

1. late night movies with friends
2. spontaneous ice cream runs
3. slurpees/icees
4. a good old fashioned church bbq
5. summer concerts in the park
6. blackberries
7. summer cleaning projects (really!)
8. listening to my husband preach
9. vacation
10. having my very own office ; )
11. catching up with old friends
12. school clothes shopping
13. dinner with just the 5 of us (twice)
14. going to see Ramona with my girls
15. free refills on popcorn!
16. two bike rides, sun and great scenery!

He brought me out into
a spacious place;
he rescued me because
 he delighted in me.
Psalm 18:19

holy experience

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love your list...many of those would be mine....