Summer Reading~

This has been quite the slow summer for me and my reading! I usually fill my summer days with scrapbooking or reading...I've done zero scrapping and little reading! I don't know where my time is going. We have a rode trip coming up and I definitely plan on getting a few good books read...the scrapbooking on the other hand....This is the one of the few books I have finished this month. It's actually five short books in one.

Francine Rivers is one of the most amazing authors that I have ever come across. Everything she writes is amazing  and if you haven't read her books..start!

The Lineage of Grace is 5 novellas on five women in the Bible. Five
unlikely women that God chose to use for HIS GLORY!
Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary.

I understand the stories of these women on a much deeper level than just hearing and reading their stories in the Bible. I encourage you to read this book for greater understanding of the people of the Bible. God has a plan for all the ages...even us!

I have loved Francine Rivers since I read
Redeeming Love a few years ago.
It is an amazing story of forgiveness
and Christ's unwavering love.
Please, please, please read it!


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