Friday, Friday! Everyday feels like Friday in the summer!

Although this is the first weekend of August, I feel like summer is coming to a close. (sad face) Closets have been cleaned out, garage organized and we are having a yard sale...."get rid of all of our junk, end of summer declutter, son moving out, exchange student moving in, trying to get organized, sale"

But for now, I leave this mess of a house and head out to shop..isn't that the best idea? It's time to celebrate my dear friend, Laurie's bday and we are headed to the city! This is probably our 9th or 10th birthday we have celebrated together. We sort of celebrated the other night when they invited us over for a late movie and drinks...we ended up watching half of Snakes on Planes...but I just couldn't finish that gross movie..Snakes on a Plane..who thinks of this stuff? It was fun but hanging out with the husbands isn't nearly as fun as shopping and dinner with the girls (sorry babe)

We leave on Wednesday for our end of the summer vacation and take Tim to school! We have been counting down the days for months...Tim has anyways! We are making a few stops at friends houses on the way, hitting an amusement park, Knottsberry Farm and spending some good time with my brother and SIL! Can't wait! Oh and of course the BEACH~ Beach time for sure~

Just had to throw this in....bummer I only
got Haley's chin! ha!  But they sure are cute, my kiddos!

I hope I find a cute dress like this today

or some cool shoes like this.....
for very, very cheap! ; )

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