Well, Hello There~

Oh, my sweet blog, I have not forgotten you! I have come to a screaching halt with this little blog and it's time to come back! In the last month, we have dropped our boy off at college, had two new "roomates" join our family for a bit, I have started a new job, (high school counselor) I love it so much! I am still new, still in the honeymoon phase, but it is everything I have ever wanted to do :) and my sweet girl has turned 16 and my youngest has started middle school! Way too much change for this mom! I think I have so much I want to write about that I just don't write anything. You know those days where your house can get so messy or your "to do" list is so long, that you decide to do zip?? No? Well, that's me right now with my little blog! I am coming back and I do want to write everyday. If not just for the fact of "journaling" or writing what God is doing in this little family, it is for the fact that I want to reconnect with some of my online friends!
Where are you and what have you been doing?

My precious kiddos...
My heart loves them so much, it can barely stand it!

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Kate said...

Wow, lots going on in your world! I used to be an Elem. Counselor, and I LOVED it!! Glad to see you back :)