A Week in Pictures~

Haley celebrating her birthday right...at the mall with girlfriends :)

Molly being a little possesive of her pumpkin! Even though that is not hers...ha!

Pumpkin Carving, Seed eating and some good pie!
I loved having Ben and Sarah help with the carving this year.
Darren and I were simply onlookers..yes!

Haley had her last "Grandparents Day" So weird. We have been watching
our kids in their programs since Tim was little! Glad my mom was
able to get off of work and come to the last one! It was "Spirit Day" in the
high school and that is why I look bizarre! ha!
Pajama Day and Spirit Day...Love Homecoming Week~


Kate said...

Yumm!! I love pumpkin seeds! What a fun time in the pictures!

Melissa Campbell said...

Great pictures! Family time is holy to God. I love how you honor yours. :)