When in Doubt~

...the wilderness, confusion, bewilderment, the feeling of being stripped to nothing, arms open wide before the Lord..that's where our family is right now. Without devulging too much "crap"  I will say that when someone is in ministry, loves the people, their church family...the line gets blurred as to when it's time to make some decisions...that faith thing..trusting, standing on the solid rock...Following God's plan doesn't always make sense but  I also have found PEACE that I can't describe in the middle of this desert! I will be writing more that later, but prayers are appreciated! The Lord gave me some great thoughts today...well some other people's great thoughts and HE led me to them!

*God knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He called you…and He will empower you to do it! Parenting, teaching, being a wife, mentoring, leading a study, being a job that's not easy, what has He called you to do that makes you wonder..."really, Lord?"

*Think about that…CREATOR of the UNIVERSE called us and we can truly learn to rely on His strength and not our own! NOT YOUR, TRACY!!

*He called us…not because of who we were but in spite of it!  He knows our heart, our sins, our crud and still says..."This is my daughter, she would do great at this...she is just the one I want for this job, bible study, to be the mommy of this child, etc" What leaves you awestruck...awestruck that He believes you can carry out this certain task?" BE A MOTHER to 3 precious human beings!! wow!

From Perry Noble:
He called you not because He knew you could get it done…but because He knew you were the person who would bring Him the most glory. I once heard Rick Warren say that God most often puts His strongest gifts in His weakest vessels! (II Corinthians 4:7)

He called us…AND gifted/empowered us to do HIS work! Sure, there are times when we feel like we literally can’t go on…that our strength is zapped and we want to tap out…and it is in those times that I have discovered that He most often does His best work!

He called you, equipped you, will sustain you and be with you always! SO…if you are second guessing yesterday…just remember that God isn’t second guessing you!!! Fix your eyes on Him and get on with whatever He’s called you to do!


Melissa Campbell said...

Tracy, I know the wilderness well, and the feeling of being stripped to nothing--it seems there are a lot of us in this place, questioning, wondering why? After months of painful stripping (I wrote about it in a poem called, The Pruning,) I am beginning to see: God is preparing us for something so outrageously good and big, we would never have been able to carry it had we not come through these hard places. Hang in there, and hold onto Him. His ways are perfect, even when they hurt. And separation can be good when it comes from His hand. Prayers for you and your family.

Tracy: said...

Thanks, Melissa, for your super encouraging words!! Bless you!!