8 til the Big 41~

Love this blurry pic of my amazing friend Robin

My other amazing friend Laurie!

An early celebration with my girls
in the city!

~8 til the BIG 41~

Why am I feeling strange and old....
I never thought I would feel like this turning a young 41!
I loved turning 40! I loved my party!
(I don't think I ever blogged about it last year)

My kids leading me into my party~

 It was perfect.... so me and everything I wanted plus two surprises! (my brother and best friend flew to see me) 40 feels good! I feel "smarter" I mean wise! Wisdom comes with age, right? I felt mature! Alot happened my 40th year...my son graduated, my youngest left elementary school, I got a new job, I stopped teaching elementary kids (that I loved) I saw my childhood best friend, took two road trips to California, moved my son to college, my first daughter turned 16, I got an international daughter, my cousin and daughter came to visit us for the first time,  a college student moved into my sons room, I'm now a counselor, my husband's job description changed, again and again....sooooo why does 41 seem different? Other people turn 41. Not me, I'm the young mom, the youth pastor's wife, the one that has energy and spunk and is crazy...those kind of people don't turn 41...haha! I have never dreaded age..I truly believe it's all in our perspective and we need to embrace where we are..make the best of it and wear it proud! So, WELCOME 41, HERE WE GO, SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT! ha :)

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