Weekend Recap~

We are just finishing up a four day weekend that has felt like 2..how does that happen so quickly? On Thursday we went to the Veteran's Day parade with my parents. We have been going the last few years and it's always rainy and freezing and I was going to opt out this year but just could do it! What a great day to honor those that have served our country! (including my dad!) We always bundle up and get our egg nog latte and enjoy it! Although it's cold and rainy, I am ALWAYS thankful we go!!

Beautiful fall day~

If you are a Veteran, THANK-YOU for serving our country!

Our international student, (daughter) had a friend over and they made me an early birthday surprise...SUSHI! So, DELISH!! I could not stop..look how much they made! We did get a few down Darren, but it's just not his thing! I love those two girls, they make me laugh and we learn so much from them, just watching them interact! I may know Korean soon...(or not ; )

Our varsity volleyball team was in the playoffs and championship over the weekend, so we spent many hours, (fun hours) watching VB...it was super exciting to watch them becomce STATE CHAMPS for the second year in a row. I am super proud of the team and so thankful for their coaches. They are getting priceless coaching but are also having the experience to play under such Godly leadership.

Molly's amazing coach, Haley's 5th grade teacher,
and my precious friend, Kim

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