20 years later!
 I could write so much about US~
 I love US~

*Last year I wrote a sappy post about marriage here*

It's easy to think of all the wonderful, happy days of marriage on the anniversary date! But REALLY that's all I can think about today!  How absolutely AMAZING it has been.  The long days of raising babies, the late night spats in the young days of marriage, the uncertainty of tomorrow, the scary health moments for our baby, the early days of ministry, figuring out priorities.... all that is a distant memory...it has laid the strong foundation for what we have today. I could honestly say, that each of those "distant memories" started and ended on our knees...surrendering, again and again..surrendering to eachother, surrendering our marriage and surrendering all that we are to GOD! I truly believe that's what it takes..SURRENDER, laying down all the "MY's" of every conversation..."my right" "my turn"  "my life" "my time" "my stuff" etc! Marriage works! Marriage works!  It was God's design! Marriage is hard..YES...but oh so FUN when God is in the middle of ALL OF IT! That is my little marriage sermonette today!
I am BLESSED beyond measure with the
The Beginning~
kindest, most tender, sweetest, thoughtful, giving, loving, self-sacrificing man alive! 

Less hair, "thicker" and just as happy~
 I had to include Timmy in this second picture, (because I really like it of the two of us, ha) But how perfect...just 3 months after that first picture was taken, we got the news that Timothywould be joining us on our one year anniversary! SHOCK! But we had fun with our little family of 3 finishing up our last year of college! Crazy times!!

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