Frazzled, Frenzied and Need Another Brownie!

a little hairied, frazzled and on the fritz!

My Week....
* 16 hours of Suicide Intervention Training
* Started a major "cleansing" diet, forever hungry
* Husband resigned his ministry job after 11 years
* Started my monthly you know what. (TMI, i know)
* Volunteered weeks ago to be an Iron Chef Brownie judge today
after a 5 day cleanse of no sugar, which is a VERY long time for me,
and I loved every minute of every chocolate goodness today!

Happy that it's the weekend!
Thankful that He gives strength to the weary!
 and about to put my pj's on for the evening and it's not even 4:00pm!

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Sarah said...

sometimes we just have crazy days, don't we?! Ha! At least you got to have brownies : ) Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, the first pic was the outfits we chose for them. And by the looks of your pictures you are just as gorgeous as my parents... and at their age! :)