Needin me some BETHEL and Jesus Culture!

We are reeling from an emotional weekend
of saying goodbye to our church family.
Darren has described this weekend
as the "cold medicine" fog.
We are overwhelmed by so much love
from so many..soooo many!
God is so good like that..He brings the troops around
you when you most need it! This season, we have needed it!
Our home has been filled with friends, our email and text
messages filled with encouragement!
In no way do feel like we need the recognition of man,
but how nice to be LOVED!
These lyrics are so comforting to my heart!

I want to feel your embrace
feel your arms around me
feel your heart beating next to mine

It's telling me it's all gonna be okay
It's all gonna be okay
It's all gonna be okay


I wanna see your face
wanna see who I can be
I wanna see who I can see

In the mirror of Your eyes
You are telling me
It's all gonna be okay!


Excited to be heading to Redding, CA this weekend to check
out Bethel Church and hopefully hear a little Jesus Culture!
Need a little family get away! Thank-you Jesus!

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