Beach/Snow/Ready for Spring!

On President's Day we headed to the beach
and enjoyed a little sun and clam chowder
bread bowls at none other than
"The Chowder Bowl" ha!
The beach was amazing, the sky was clear
and it felt good to get to the beach for the day!
It's rare to have a sunny day in Febraury at our coast :/

Three days later we had a snow day! What?
Again, rare for February around here.
It was nice to have yet another day off, unexpected.
The girls were outside playing in it quite early
but it only lasted about 20 minutes.

It's been a great Sunday at home,
working on homework and upcoming projects
and staying in pj's most of the day!
Haley made chocolate chip pancakes from
scratch for breakfast and then
fetticcuine alfredo for dinner! NICE!

Look who's coming home next week!!
Tim has spring break next week
and will be making a road trip
with 3 other guys to Oregon! YAY!
Can't wait!

Dreaming of this~
Spring break is 3 weeks away!
Cute Kimonos ;)

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