Be Comfortable Running, It's Possible!

So, as I've mentioned, I've taken up running in the last 4-5 months!
 CRAZY to even think about! I have always been somewhat active but
NEVER a runner!  I decided to join Darren on a few runs last fall and really
started seeing a change. Each time it was easier to run a little bit further and it felt good!
Good? Kind of! The after workout good! The legs cramps, not so much!
Either way, it's my new workout of choice! ha!
Darren no longer runs with me since he is training for the Eugene Marathon in May.
I get excited about my "long" runs...a big 8 miles and that's his average day!
He really was my motivator in getting started though :)
Here are some of my favorite things to have/wear when running!
Since I started running in the winter, I usually wear the pants in the middle.
I actually picked them up at Old Navy and love them. Easy and light to run in.
My 2nd fave are the capris, which I joyfully ran in today...SUN!
I am hoping by the time my half-marathon comes around (one month)
I will be able to wear these cute Nike shorts.
I always wear my water proof Northface jacket.
(again, not today :)

Love these shoes!

We have also found a great running store ROAD RUNNER
I invested in some shoe inserts, (shoe dog)
I have some pretty crazy arches and these seemed to help with the
leg cramps a bit.
I wear two of these!
No joke!
It makes my runs a little
more enjoyable! ha!

My phone is my ipod with
a few good playlists
to track my miles and pace.
A must for me, I love
seeing my progress..so motivating!

Becca has a great, informative post about
being a new runner too. Check it out..and her cute blog!

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Becca said...

Good for you Tracy! You are a rockstar! Thanks for mentioning me :)