Change and Some Coffee

The woman on the bench. How do you respond to the people on the bench, the ones sleeping in the park, sitting on the sidewalk, some holding signs, some with carts, some holding cups, most with stories they wouldn't write for themselves...??

"I feel so bad for ignoring her" My daughter slammed down her lunch and jumped in the car, a little disturbed by the woman on the bench. The lady's face was dry and cracked by the sun and she looked older than her real age, I'm sure of it. She had 3-4 layers of sweaters and jackets on during this warm spring day. "Is that all she owns? Is she hot in all of those clothes?" more questions from my girl. 

She was asking for change and needed some coffee. I stopped to talk to her and asked if I could get her a sandwich, she wasn't interested, just wanted change and some coffee...change and coffee, change and coffee.....and warmth, love, a family, friends, shelter, joy, peace....so much more than change and coffee. We grabbed her a coffee and gave her some change. "Will she sit there and ask everyone all day? Wonder what she does with her days.." questions I can't answer but quick life lessons and small, ever so small acts of kindness...The woman on the bench.

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