Was Not Expecting It!

On our recent road trip to Cali, I looked over at my ever so excited husband, who was in a "driving tunnel" not being very much of a conversationalist at that moment and a little boring, I decided to break out my camera phone, which I do quite often because every moment needs to be captured. ha! I leaned over to try and take one of those cute couple pics and right as I take the pic, Darren LICKS my face..yes, I said licks! Any other moment, I would've been entirely disgusted and mad that he "ruined" the photo opp. But there is something about  this one that I love! He caught me so off guard! AND his cute face..why does it look like I am married to a 12 year old right there?~

Somewhere between Oregon & Cali

Check out my sweet, little friend, Sarah's, blog! Sarah stayed with us for awhile last fall and it was always a party! My girls loved having her around and loved going through her make-up and clothes (usually with permission, ha :)  because she always looks adorable. They were always having Sarah do their make-up and Molly even had the awesome opportunity to be a make-up model for her, which you can find HERE!  I know you will love her blog!  Check it our NOW! She has so many fun beauty tips, cool pics and just great ideas for looking amazing! Plus, she is cute and you will like her! :) AND THEN FOLLOW HER!

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