Thirteen point One at Forty-One!

The half-marathon that I started training for in
late November, on dark, rainy nights
with my patient husband is now over!
I am ready for half-marathon number two!
(not anytime soon..ha)

The race could not have gone better!
I was worried about leg cramps, stomach cramps,
shoe issues, sock issues, rain, etc.
These are all things that I had to deal with, work through
the last 4 months. But thankfully, Sunday, was
a perfect, perfect day!

I realized quickly that I would not be running
along side anyone. Darren obviously would outrun
me the first mile, so we said our goodbyes at the
starting line. It was ok to be alone because I
could set my own pace, listen to my playlist and focus
finishing. A few things I would like to note about my first

  1.  Mile one came fast
  2.  Mile two took forever
  3.  At one point I was sure mile 5 was coming up, but was happy to see 8! Did I fall asleep!!? lol!
  4. A man a ways ahead of me took off his shoe and shook it over his head, I thought he was shaking a bird over his head...that was mile 9. I was losing it!
  5. There was a lady a little bit in front of me that I decided to set my pace with..I knew if I could keep up with her I was doing OK..so I kept my eye on her white hat..by mile 11 that hat was lavender in my delirious eyes!
  6. I don't like running with Darren's fanny pack thingy...even though I kept my chapstick, tissue, phone and ipod in it! I only used the ipod.
  7. I was happy I wore new socks and peanut butter toast was the perfect breakfast!
  8. Anyone can run, ANYONE CAN RUN! (if I can do it, anyone can)
  9. I was happy to not have to put those porta-potties to use!
So excited to cheer Darren on in his first MARATHON in a few weeks! Wow, I can't imagine! 

My end of the race gifts from my parents and bro and sis!


Morgan Harper Nichols said...

Nice! I'd never have the guts to run a race like that - it's awesome that you were able to endure and be in such great spirits about it despite your worries!

Sarah said...

YOU GO GIRL! I love what you put for #4! Hahaha! I would be the same way...seeing things! I recently started running but haven't been about to get very far without dying, but the other day I was running and like half way through I was like "OH MY GOSH I HAVEN'T STOPPED YET! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!" It feels good to run and I agree with you when you say "anyone can run"!

Robin said...

Your list hi-larry-us! Love it. I told some friends at work that next year I will join them but I'm going to borrow Betty's electric w/c. lol
you r missed 2!