Busy Days for the Fam~

 A few weeks ago Darren ran his first full marathon!
So proud of him! Like I said before, we just started running in
November and he has really worked hard
to get to this point by May!
I knew he would do great!
His 42 year old body took about
4 days to recover..crazy I know!
I feel like I'm still trying to recover
from the half marathon, LAST MONTH!
It was a fun day! I love the excitement
at marathons-cheering for strangers,
knowing that everyone worked hard to get there!
Hope we do more soon!

Darren just left to go pick up our boy from his
first year of college!! yay!
It was such an awesome year for him!
So proud of him too and so thankful
that God has provided this opportunity
to be a part of an incredible college and group of friends!
August 2010
Getting ready to say good-bye to Tim
and driving 1300 miles home!

~Beautiful Molly~
Jr/Sr Banquet~
Masquerade Ball
Best banquet ever~
(since I'm ONE of the jr class advisors, haha)

My baby went to Outdoor School
last week with the 6th grade!
It really does get harder to send your kids
off on trips! Once again, how did we get here
so fast!? She is usually my little buddy,
standing beside me as we wave good bye
to her brother and sister for trips like this!
She had a great time, of course! :)

Just a quick update on this family!
So much going on and it doesn't slow down anytime soon!
That's ok, it's the fun kind of busy! (minus moving, not fun)

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